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How did Firestar lose all his lives?

Scourge delivers a mortal blow to Firestar, causing him to lose the first of his nine lives. He is then met by Bluestar and Whitestorm, who inform him of his lost life.

How does Firestar die in the last hope?

After the battle Lightning suddenly strikes a beech tree beside Firestar, marking the moment Firestar dies from the wounds Tigerstar inflicted on him. The StarClan cats that gave Firestar his nine lives gather around him, and Jayfeather lists the lives they gave.

What page does Firestar die in the last hope?

If you still don’t believe that Firestar was actually killed by Tigerstar, here’s a relevant quote from The Ultimate Guide. It’s on page 74, Tigerstar’s section. “Face-to-face with his enemy Firestar, Tigerstar struck the fatal blow that took the ThunderClan leader’s ninth life.

What age did Firestar die?

Age: Approx. 96 moons (8 years)
Clan: ThunderClan (formerly Kittypet)
Education: Mentors- Bluestar, Lionheart, Tigerstar Apprentices- Cinderpelt, Cloudtail, Bramblestar
Status: Deceased

Who gave Bluestar her 9 lives?

Chapter description. Bluefur is with Featherwhisker in the shadows of Mothermouth. She has come to receive her nine lives, and the she-cat is reminded of the time she came here with Pinestar.

What cats died in Warriors?

Rising Storm

  • Runningwind – Killed by Tigerclaw.
  • Whitethroat – Hit by a monster.
  • Nightstar – Killed by Greencough.
  • Cinderfur – Killed by Greencough.
  • Patchpelt – Died of smoke inhalation.
  • Halftail – Died of smoke inhalation.
  • Yellowfang – Died of smoke inhalation. Total – 7.

How did Squirrelflight die?

While saving Moonlight’s kits during a cave in, Squirrelflight and Leafpool are fatally injured and walk in StarClan.

How old is Bluestar?

Age: Approx. 90 moons (7.5 years) at death.

Who was Whitestorm’s mate?

Whitestorm became mates with Brindleface, who gave birth to his kits, Ferncloud, Ashfur, Tulipkit, and Elderkit. Later he was also mates with Willowpelt, who gave birth to Sorreltail, Sootfur, and Rainwhisker.

Who is Mistystar’s mate?

Mistystar’s parents are Oakheart and Bluestar, and her siblings are Stonefur and Mosskit. Her mate is Blackclaw and their children are Reedwhisker, Primrosepaw, Pikepaw, and Perchkit.

How did Firestar die in the Warriors game?

Firestar: Died due to his wounds after the battle against the Dark Forest/Died after a burning tree fell on him Ravenwing: Killed by Mappleshade to ‘avenge her kits’

How did Bluestar from the Warriors cats die?

Bluestar: Fell over the gorge saving Firestar from a pack of dogs and died shortly after being fished from the river by Firestar Firestar: Died due to his wounds after the battle against the Dark Forest/Died after a burning tree fell on him

How does Firestar lose his life in StarClan?

Firestar, as the fourth cat in the prophecy, fought in the Great Battle and lost his final life due to wounds. He continues to watch over the cats by the lake from StarClan, and guides medicine cats with the prophecies he gives. Who is the meanest warrior cat?

What kind of cat is Firestar from warrior cats?

Firestar is a large, lithe, bright flame-colored tomcat with emerald-green eyes. It has been mentioned multiple times by other characters that Firestar bears a very close resemblance to his father Jake. Personality. Firestar was a brave, protective, caring, compassionate and honorable cat. He was also generous and forgiving.