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How do you use the word enmity?

Enmity sentence example

  1. Great popularity necessarily brings with it bitter enmity and genuine criticism.
  2. It is stated that the enmity against him was so great that now, as on other occasions, attempts were made to assassinate him.
  3. This won him the enmity of the Dutch Socialists.

What is an example of enmity?

Enmity is defined as a deep and bitter hatred, usually shared between enemies. An example of enmity is the feelings held by many who live in Palestine and Israel. Deep-seated, often mutual hatred.

What is enmity synonym?

Some common synonyms of enmity are animosity, animus, antagonism, antipathy, hostility, and rancor. While all these words mean “deep-seated dislike or ill will,” enmity suggests positive hatred which may be open or concealed.

Can you feel enmity?

Enmity means intense hostility. If you’re a football fanatic, you feel enmity for your opposing team. Enmity is stronger than antagonism or animosity, which imply competitive feeling but don’t go all the way to enemy status. Hopefully you are a peacemaker and don’t experience too much enmity in your life.

What enmity means in the Bible?

enmity, hostility, antipathy, antagonism, animosity, rancor, animus mean deep-seated dislike or ill will. enmity suggests positive hatred which may be open or concealed.

What is a 9 letter word meaning enmity?


What does it mean to have animosity towards someone?

: a strong feeling of dislike or hatred : ill will or resentment tending toward active hostility : an antagonistic attitude.

What does Genesis 3 15 mean in the Bible?

Genesis 3:15, Douay-Rheims) Protoevangelium is a compound of two Greek words, protos meaning “first” and evangelion meaning “good news” or “gospel”. Thus the protevanglium in Genesis 3:15 is commonly referred to as the first mention of the good news of salvation in the Bible.

What does bruise your heel mean?

A bruised heel is an injury to the fat pad that protects the heel bone. It’s also known as policeman’s heel. You can get a bruised heel from the repeated force of your foot striking the ground, like if you run or jump a lot. It can also happen from a single injury, such as jumping from a big height onto your heel.

Is innate crossword clue?

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What are the signs of resentment?

Signs of Resentment

  • Recurring Negative Feelings. It’s common to feel recurring negative feelings toward people or situations that hurt you.
  • Inability to Stop Thinking About the Event.
  • Feelings of Regret or Remorse.
  • Fear or Avoidance.
  • A Tense Relationship.

What is secret animosity?

a feeling of strong dislike, ill will, or enmity that tends to display itself in action: a deep-seated animosity between two sisters; animosity against one’s neighbor.

What does enmity mean in this sentence?

Definition of Enmity. a feeling of strong dislike or opposition. Examples of Enmity in a sentence. Because the two brothers are both in love with the same girl, there is a great deal of enmity between them. 🔊 A wise parent can administer discipline without the incident resulting in enmity. 🔊

What is a sentence with enmity?

the enmity expressed itself in various ways.

  • It swears undying enmity toward the ” Great Satan”
  • Such is the recipe for enmity among people of different beliefs.
  • a new isolation for Russia.
  • The settlements earned LeBow the enmity of the big cigarette companies.
  • What is enmity of God?

    The word enmity is from the Greek word “echthra” and means “hate, being hostile with” or “in opposition too.” Someone who has enmity with you is basically at war with you. By the way, if the world loves you and you love the world, then the love of God does not abide in you.

    What is the plural of enmity?

    The noun enmity can be countable or uncountable. In more general, commonly used, contexts, the plural form will also be enmity . However, in more specific contexts, the plural form can also be enmities e.g. in reference to various types of enmities or a collection of enmities.