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How many archdiocese are there in Uganda?

The Roman Catholic Church in Uganda is composed of 4 ecclesiastical provinces and 15 suffragan dioceses.

Who is the youngest Catholic bishop in Uganda?

Reverend Paul Ssemogerere
He was appointed bishop of Kasana-Luweero on 4 June 2008….Paul Ssemogerere (bishop)

Right Reverend Paul Ssemogerere
Birth name Paul Ssemogerere
Born 30 June 1956 Kisubi, Wakiso District, Uganda

Who is archbishop of Catholic Church in Uganda?

Cyprian Kizito Lwanga

The Most Reverend Cyprian Kizito Lwanga
Archbishop of Kampala
Church Roman Catholic Church
Archdiocese Kampala
Appointed 19 August 2006

Who was the first US Roman Catholic Cardinal?

John McCloskey
John McCloskey (March 10, 1810 – October 10, 1885) was an American prelate of the Roman Catholic Church. He was the first American born Archbishop of New York from 1864 until his death in 1885, having previously served as Bishop of Albany (1847–64). In 1875, McCloskey became the first American cardinal.

How old is Catholic church in Uganda?

The Catholic hierarchy in Uganda was established on March 25, 1953. The former Vicariates of Uganda became the dioceses of Uganda. Rubaga became the Archdiocese with 5 suffragan dioceses namely: Gulu, Masaka, Kampala, Mbarara and Tororo.

Who was the first archbishop of Uganda?

Erica Sabiti
Province of Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi (1961–1980) Brown was succeeded in 1966 by the first Ugandan archbishop, Erica Sabiti.

How many archbishops are there in Catholic Church?

There are 34 active Roman Catholic archbishops in the United States. (Five are also cardinals, which means they vote in papal elections.)

Who was the first African Catholic Bishop?

Laurean Rugambwa
Laurean Rugambwa (July 12, 1912 – December 8, 1997) was the first modern native African Cardinal of the Catholic Church. He served as Archbishop of Dar es Salaam from 1968 to 1992, and was elevated to the cardinalate in 1960….Laurean Rugambwa.

His Eminence Laurean Rugambwa
Motto Mater boni consilii

Who is Lwanga?

A member of the Baganda tribe, Lwanga was born in the Kingdom of Buganda, the central and southern part of modern Uganda, and served as chief of the royal pages and later major-domo in the court of King Mwanga II of Buganda. He was baptised by Pere Giraud on 15 November 1885.

Who was the first black pope?

Pope Saint Victor I
He was the first bishop of Rome born in the Roman Province of Africa—probably in Leptis Magna (or Tripolitania). He was later considered a saint….Pope Victor I.

Pope Saint Victor I
Predecessor Eleutherius
Successor Zephyrinus
Personal details
Born Early 2nd Century AD Africa Proconsulare

Which state has the highest Catholic population?

The United States has the fourth largest Catholic population in the world, after Brazil, Mexico and the Philippines….By state.

State % Catholic Largest Christian denomination
Massachusetts 34 Catholic Church
Rhode Island 42
New Jersey 34
California 28

What is the biggest Catholic church in Uganda?

Rubaga Cathedral
Rubaga Cathedral, Kampala, Uganda, also known as Saint Mary’s Cathedral is the parent cathedral of the Roman Catholics which is located on Lubaga Hill about 3 km from city center.