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How much does it cost to drive from Johannesburg to Durban?

Prices sourced from Greyhound show that a one-way trip between Johannesburg and Durban will cost you around R145. 00, while a return trip will cost R310. 00. A return trip between Johannesburg and Cape Town via Kimberley will cost around R650.

How much petrol will I use from Johannesburg to Durban?

According to this figure, we will use 32.49 litres of petrol on our way to Durban – and roughly 65 litres for the round trip.

What is the most expensive toll gate in South Africa?

the Machado Plaza
The highest fee you’ll have to pay at a single booth in South Africa is at the Machado Plaza on the N4, which bills motorists R99 to pass through the barriers.

How much are the toll gates from Johannesburg to Cape Town?

Toll gate from Johannesburg to Cape Town

Toll Price
Grasmere R21.50
Vaal R71.50
Verkeerdevlei R61.50
Huguenot R42.50

How long does it take to drive from Johannesburg to Durban?

The driving distance between Johannesburg and Durban is 569.1km and it would take you 7 Hours 7 minutes if you average 80 km/h (49 mph). The Flying time between Johannesburg and Durban is 0 Hours 33 minutes since you would need to travel 501.3 km.

What is halfway between Johannesburg and Durban?

The city at the geographic halfway point from Johannesburg, South Africa to Durban, South Africa is Harrismith, South Africa.

How much petrol will I use from Pretoria to Durban?

24 Total Cost of Fuel from Pretoria to Durban. Your trip to Durban will consume a total of 9.70 gallons of fuel.

How many toll gates are in South Africa?

We’ve identified the 36 main toll roads in South Africa, so you’re not left short-changed half-way down the highway.

How much is Verkeerdevlei toll gate?

Verkeerdevlei Toll Plaza (Mainline) in Masilonyana Rural, Free State

Class 1 Class 2 Class 3
R57,00 R114,00 R172,00

How do I calculate tolls for a trip?

To calculate the toll for a trip, select an entry point and an exit point on the network.

  1. Touch a marker icon on the map to see its name and any access restrictions.
  2. To view a close-up map, touch the “Show” button.
  3. Set the point as entry or touch a different marker on the map.

How do you pay tolls in South Africa?

For All Vehicles users can pay Toll Fees using:

  1. Cash (South African Tender) or.
  2. Master Card or Visa Credit Cards issued by South African Banks or.
  3. Garage Cards or Petrol Cards issued by South African Banks or.
  4. Fleet Cards issued by South African Fleet Card Issuers.

Which is the cheapest bus from Johannesburg to Durban?

Facts about the Johannesburg Durban bus route

Cheapest Bus $11.47
Latest Bus 8:30 PM
Daily Bus Routes 2 Ø
Distance 311.4 miles
Bus Companies Intercape, Eldo Coaches, Eagle Liner, Vilamora, Nozulu, Intercity Xpress, APM, City to City, Computicket, Busbud, Translux, Intercity Coach

Where are the toll gates in South Africa?

Use our interactive Google Map to locate the South African Toll Gates, Fees and GPS Coordinates The addresses and locations of all the toll gates and plazes are at the bottom of the map.

How much does it cost to drive from Durban to Johannesburg?

A trip from Durban to Johannesburg could cost at least R240 in toll fees for Class 1 vehicles. Toll fees for motorists travelling between Durban and Johannesburg. GRAPHIC: Thobeka Ngema.

Do you pay more for tolls in Johannesburg?

Durban motorists traveling to Johannesburg and around KwaZulu-Natal are already paying more at toll plaza’s. Picture: Independent Media Durban – KwaZulu-Natal residents and people who travel to Johannesburg will be expected to pay more for using South African roads.

How much is the e toll in Durban?

“The monthly e-toll cap for compliant users of Class A2 (light) vehicles is adjusted from R250 per month to R266 per month. Discounts for frequent users as well as qualifying local users will remain applicable,” it said. The statement said the one percentage point VAT increase is added to the toll tariff and contributed to the upward adjustment.