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How much was a Winchester 1873?

1873 WINCHESTER rifle PRICE AND HISTORICAL VALUE A 1873 WINCHESTER rifle is currently worth an average price of $2,336.73 new and $1,526.80 used . The 12 month average price is $2,237.31 new and $1,601.26 used.

What caliber was the original Winchester 1873?

Model 1873 It was originally chambered for the .44-40 cartridge, which was the first centrefire cartridge and which became immensely popular. The 1873 was later produced in .38-40 and .32-20, all of which later became popular handgun cartridges of the day, allowing users to carry just one type of ammunition.

How much did a Henry rifle cost in 1860?

Uberti Firearms manufactures near exact replicas of the 1860 Henry chambered in . 44-40 Winchester or . 45 Long Colt and Henry Repeating Arms produces modernized replicas chambered for a wide range of calibers….

Henry rifle
Unit cost $40(equivalent to $1,152 in 2020)
Produced 1860–1866
No. built c. 14,000

Can you still buy a Winchester 1873?

The Model 73 is world-renowned as “The Gun that Won the West.” Now you can own the real thing — a genuine Winchester Repeating Arms® Model 73 with an oil-finished walnut stock, classic blued steel crescent buttplate and a 20″ round barrel, just like the original.

How many bullets does a Winchester 73 have?

15 rounds
A standard-model 73 held 15 rounds in a tubular magazine beneath the barrel. Its new cartridge was the . 44/40 Winchester, and seldom has a round of ammunition been so well matched to a rifle.

What was the most popular rifle in the Old West?

Winchester Model 1873
Winchester Model 1873 Arguably the most famous and recognizable rifle of the Old West, the 1873 is a true icon of the frontier. The iron-framed, lever-action rifle was ideal in a saddle scabbard or at the homestead, ready to take care of any chore a revolver couldn’t handle.

What caliber was the gun that won the West?

45-caliber “Peacemaker” single-action Army revolver? Gun folks mostly agree, the Colt was the revolver handgun that won the West, and the Winchester the shoulder-arm that won the West.

What was the model number of the 1873 Winchester gun?

WINCHESTER MODEL 1873 WINCHESTER MODEL 1873 WINCHESTER MODEL 1873 First Serial Number of Each Yea First Serial Number of Each Yea Model YEAR Serial number Model Year 1873 1873 1 1873 1874 1873 1876 11326 1873 1877 1873 1879 27502 1873 1880

What was the first year of the Winchester gun?

First Serial Number of Each Year These were manufactured from 1873 to 1923. Model YEAR Serial number Model Year Serial No Model Year Serial No 1873 1873 1 1873 1874 127 1873 1875 2727 1873 1876 11326 1873 1877 12315 1873 1878 23629 1873 1879 27502 1873 1880 41522 1873 1881 63537 1873 1882 81621 1873 1883 109508 1873 1884 109508

Where was the first Winchester Model 73 made?

Winchester Model 73’s with 7 leaf express sights were manufactured for the India and South Africa markets and are hard to find today in the United States today. The first Winchester Model 73 Winchester’s had thumb print dust covers with 5 different ones made in the first and early second model 73’s .

What’s the length of pull on a Winchester 1877?

Length of pull is 12.75 inches. There is a steel forearm cap securing the forearm to the barrel. This Winchester 1877 Short Rifle has a full-length magazine tube holding 10 rounds. The metal was nicely blued and polished.