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How old is Tchaikovsky now?

Nine days later, Tchaikovsky died there, aged 53. He was interred in Tikhvin Cemetery at the Alexander Nevsky Monastery, near the graves of fellow-composers Alexander Borodin, Mikhail Glinka, and Modest Mussorgsky; later, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov and Mily Balakirev were also buried nearby.

When was Tchaikovsky died?

November 6, 1893
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky/Date of death
On 2 November 1893, he drank a glass of unboiled water. A few hours later, he had diarrhoea and started vomiting. The following day anuria occured. He lost consciousness and died on 6 November (or on 25 Oktober according to the Russian Julian calendar).

What is the born and death years of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky?

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Tchaikovsky also spelled Chaikovsky, Chaikovskii, or Tschaikowsky, name in full Anglicized as Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky, (born April 25 [May 7, New Style], 1840, Votkinsk, Russia—died October 25 [November 6], 1893, St. Petersburg), the most popular Russian composer of all time.

What are 3 interesting facts about Tchaikovsky?

Seven Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Tchaikovsky

  • He was multilingual.
  • He was a bibliophile and smuggled a book out of Italy.
  • Music was his second career.
  • His childhood piano teacher thought he was untalented.
  • He struggled financially and had a secret patron.
  • Swan Lake was a flop.

What age did Tchaikovsky start taking piano lessons?

5 years old
When he was just 5 years old, Tchaikovsky began taking piano lessons. Although he displayed an early passion for music, his parents hoped that he would grow up to work in the civil service.

What is Franz Liszt most famous piece?

The Piano Sonata In B Minor
The Piano Sonata In B Minor (1853) is generally acknowledged to be Liszt’s masterpiece and is a model of his technique of thematic transformation which is also prominent in the symphonic poems.

Was Tchaikovsky a drunk?

Like a true musician Tchaikovsky was far from a teetotaler. Even for a Russian he drunk so much that many people label him an alcoholic. His early death however had nothing to do with alcohol, ironically it was water that killed the famous composer. But the young Tchaikovsky wouldn’t spend much time with his family.

Was Pyotr Tchaikovsky depressed?

Born in Russia in 1840 and considered a sensitive youngster, Tchaikovsky was described as a “porcelain child” by his governess. Other factors that led to Tchaikovsky’s depression: separation from his mother during his time at boarding school and her early death as well as his homosexuality.

What did Tchaikovsky’s parents want him to be?

Tchaikovsky’s father, Ilya, worked as a mine inspector and metal works manager. When he was just five years old, Tchaikovsky began taking piano lessons. Although he displayed an early passion for music, his parents hoped that he would grow up to work in the civil service.

What country was Liszt?

Franz Liszt/Nationality

Franz Liszt, Hungarian form Liszt Ferenc, (born October 22, 1811, Doborján, kingdom of Hungary, Austrian Empire [now Raiding, Austria]—died July 31, 1886, Bayreuth, Germany), Hungarian piano virtuoso and composer.

What did Tchaikovsky contribute to music?

Tchaikovsky wrote many works that are popular with the classical music public, including his Romeo and Juliet, the 1812 Overture, his three ballets (The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, The Sleeping Beauty) and Marche Slave.

What are 5 facts about Tchaikovsky?

Five facts about Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky:

  • He was just 4 when he began composing!
  • Like Beethoven and Mahler Tchaikovsky liked to take a walk of two hours every day.
  • He also enjoyed mushroom picking!
  • A big fan of Shakespeare, he wrote many pieces inspired by his plays like Hamlet, The Tempest and Romeo & Juliet!

What is Tchaikovsky best known for?

Tchaikovsky is best known for his compositions of Swan Lake, one of the most famous ballets ever performed.

Where did Tchaikovsky live?

The Tchaikovsky House-Museum was the country home in Klin, 85 kilometers northwest of Moscow where Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky lived from May 1892 until his death in 1893.

Where is Tchaikovsky buried?

Peter I Tchaikovsky was born on January 24 1926. Peter passed away on June 15 2010, at age 84. He was buried in National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona, Phoenix, Arizona, United States.

What songs did Tchaikovsky compose?

Tchaikovsky’s most popular compositions include music for the ballets Swan Lake (1877), The Sleeping Beauty (1889), and The Nutcracker (1892). He is also famous for the Romeo and Juliet overture (1870) and celebrated for Symphony No. 6 in B Minor (Pathétique) (1893).