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What are the 7 letter words?

7-letter words

  • ability.
  • absence.
  • academy.
  • account.
  • accused.
  • achieve.
  • acquire.
  • address.

What animal name has 7 letters?

Can you name the Seven Letter Mammals?

Answer % Correct
Giraffe 76.9%
Cheetah 69.2%
Gorilla 61.5%
Dolphin 57.7%

What are some words for the letter L?


  • lace.
  • lack.
  • lacs.
  • lacy.
  • lade.
  • lads.
  • lady.
  • What word is W?

    5 letter words that start with w

    • wacke.
    • wacko.
    • wacks.
    • wacky.
    • waddy.
    • waded.
    • wader.
    • wades.

    How many 5 letter words are there?

    How many five letter words are there? The answer depends on the dictionary. According to Free Dictionary, there are 158,390 words with five letters.

    What is the best 7 letter word?

    Top 7-letter Word Scores

    • MEZQUIT (27)
    • BEZIQUE (27)
    • CAZIQUE (27)
    • JUKEBOX (27)
    • ZOMBIFY (26)
    • ZINKIFY (26)
    • KOLHOZY (26)
    • SOVKHOZ (26)

    What is a 8 letter animal?

    Can you name the Animals with 8 letters?

    % Correct
    Elephant 69.8%
    Kangaroo 54.7%
    Aardvark 45.3%
    Anteater 37.7%

    What animal name has 9 letters?

    Can you name these animals with nine-letter long names?

    Answer % Correct
    Crocodile 95.3%
    Alligator 93.2%
    Armadillo 90.8%
    Porcupine 90.5%

    What is a 5 letter word starting with L?

    5-letter words starting with L

    laari laban
    lader lades
    ladie Ladin
    ladle ladye
    laers laevo

    What is a 4 letter word starting with L?

    4-letter words starting with L

    Laal LABA
    lace lack
    lacs lacy
    Lada lade
    lads lady

    Is fricking a bad word?

    Fricking ranks much lower on the profanity scale. It’s not really polite, and it can certainly be used in a rude manner, but it lacks most of the built-in potential for offense that makes us avoid saying certain other words.

    What’s the longest word that starts with W?

    12-letter words that start with w

    • welterweight.
    • wholehearted.
    • weatherproof.
    • weightlifter.
    • warehouseman.
    • wollastonite.
    • workingwoman.
    • whippoorwill.

    Are there 7 letters and a second letter Y?

    Seven letter words, and second letter y. List of 195 words that are 7 letters and second letter is y. Add length, consonants, vowels, syllables, origin, spelling and more. View word search examples.

    Are there any 7 letter words starting with L?

    7-letter words starting with L. L. 7-letter Words. laagers. laaitie. labarum. Labates. Labeaus. labeled.

    Which is an example of a 7 letter word?

    In much the same way, common 4 letter verbs can turn into 7 letter words ending in ING quite easily too. Examples include OUSTING, BARKING and GLOWING. Five letter verbs that end in E can do the same thing, as they usually drop the E before adding -ING to the end. You’ve got AMUSING words like SMILING and SNORING .

    Where can I find all 12 letter words?

    Home | All words | Beginning with | Ending with | Containing AB | Containing A & B | At position Words in black are found in both the twl06 and the sowpods dictionaries; words in red are only in the sowpods dictionary.