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What does the French word Pet mean?

[pɛt ] masculine noun. (informal) fart (informal)

What is PET in Latin?

More Latin words for pet. deliciae noun. delight, darling, pleasure, whim, favorite. deliciolum noun. pet, darling.

What does Pellicule mean in French?

noun. dandruff [noun] dead skin under the hair which falls off in small pieces.

Is the word pet masculine or feminine in French?

“Chat” (cat) & “Chien” (dog) « Mon chat / Mon chien est malade » (= My cat / dog is sick.) → Your pet could be male or female; it is unspecified.

What is Chouchou?

The French online dictionary l’Internaute defines chouchou as “a person who is preferred over others and towards whom all attention is targeted.” In other words, chouchou refers to a ‘teacher’s pet’. This is the most common way of using the expression in French.

What are the adjectives in French?

List of French adjectives – masculine and feminine

  • grand(e) – big/tall.
  • petit(e) – small.
  • bon(ne) – good.
  • mauvais(e) – bad.
  • beau/belle – beautiful.
  • chaud(e) – hot.
  • froid(e) – cold.
  • gentil(le) – kind.

Why is it called a pet?

In summary, the noun ‘pet’ was borrowed from Scottish Gaelic peata, “tame animal”, which in turn came from Early Irish petta and Irish peata; occasional use referring to “spoilt humans” in Irish, as well as uses with a genitive noun that underlie adoption of ‘pet’ as an adjective in English, probably contributed to …

Is pet an English word?

any domesticated or tamed animal that is kept as a companion and cared for affectionately. a person especially cherished or indulged; favorite: He was the teacher’s pet. a thing particularly cherished. to fondle or caress: to pet a dog.

What does pellicle mean?

: a thin skin or film: such as. a : an outer membrane of some protozoans (such as euglenoids or paramecia) b : a film that reflects a part of the light falling upon it and transmits the rest and that is used for dividing a beam of light (as in a photographic device)

Is singe feminine in French?

le singe (sahnzh) noun, masculine Click here to comment and thanks in advance!

What breed is Chouchou one piece?

Type B
Chouchou is a dog from Orange Town, famed for his unceasing vigil over the pet-food shop founded by his deceased owner. He is classified as a Type B creature, “Small Friendly”.

What does Bichette mean in English?

Noun. bichette f (plural bichettes) (Jersey) female kid (young goat)

Which is the most popular pet name in French?

The first will be “the regulars” and the second will be “the animal names.” Of all the hundreds of funny, endearing pets names for a lover or friend in French, these 21 are the most popular amongst native speakers. That can change though, depending on regions within France—or even French Quebec, so don’t take my entire word for it.

Which is the correct translation of the word pet?

‘pet’ also found in translations in French-English se peloter v. chouchoute n. animal domestique nm. animal familier n.

What are the French terms of endearment for friends?

21 Must-know French Terms of Endearment for Friends, Family and Lovers. 1 1. Mon cœur. English translation: My heart. I consider mon cœur another overrated endearing term, but I couldn’t skip it due to its popularity, and 2 2. Ma moitié. 3 3. Doudou. 4 4. Ma chérie. 5 5. Mon trésor.

Where does the term Doudou come from in French?

Creole roots. According to international French speakers, particularly from African countries, such as the West Indies, doudou is a slang/casual term used to refer to a girlfriend or wife, and it’s technically only said to females. This may explain why today the French use it as an expression of endearment.