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What group is Danny from the voice from?

The ScriptSince 2001
Danny O’Donoghue/Music groups

Daniel John Mark Luke O’Donoghue (born 3 October 1980) is an Irish singer-songwriter known for being the frontman of the Irish rock band The Script and as a coach on the first two series of the television singing talent show The Voice UK.

Did Danny McFly lose his grandfather?

“I’ve just lost my nan, but I could control it. When I lost my grandad I was waking up in the night and it was a loss of control. But I’m OK with it now.”

Is Danny from McFly on the voice?

DANNY Jones is famous for being part of boy band McFly. The talented singer and songwriter has been a judge on The Voice Kids 2020 on Saturday evenings, and with his experience in the music industry the pop star really knows his stuff.

How old is Danny in McFly?

35 years (March 12, 1986)
Danny Jones/Age

Why did Danny Jones cry on the voice?

THE Voice Kids’ Danny Jones broke down in tears tonight when he had to pick one act to take through to the show’s final. Danny was overcome with emotion as he was forced to make the difficult decision and choose between three talented young stars.

Why did Danny Jones leave the voice?

‘ Before The Voice, Danny’s Irish charm and singing talent had already won him a legion of fans as the frontman of rock band The Script, who shot to success in 2008. Ailish was in fact the main reason Danny left The Voice, he says, after she suffered a brain aneurysm in 2013.

Who is the richest member of McFly?

Tom Fletcher was born in Harrow, London, England in July 1985. He is a lead vocalist and guitar player for the pop band McFly. As a professional songwriter he has written ten #1 singles in the UK and 20 Top 10 singles….Tom Fletcher Net Worth.

Net Worth: $5 Million
Nationality: England

Does Danny McFly have children?

Cooper Alf Jones
Danny Jones/Children

Who got kids voice?

Peterborough youngster George Elliott is through to the final of ITV’s The Voice Kids show after a dramatic semi-final. George, aged 11, was chosen by judge Danny Jones (of the band McFly) to go through to next week’s final where the public will vote for the overall winner.

What song did Danny Jones sing in I can see your voice?

In this first clip, Paddy is seen lip-syncing to a McFly song in front of Danny Jones before following it up with saying “Sign Me Up Jonesy”. Danny then talks about the difficulty of lip syncing and provides tips on what to look for, before the Mystery Singers take to the stage for the lip sync round.

What age is Danny from the script?

40 years (October 3, 1980)
Danny O’Donoghue/Age

Who is the richest actor in the UK?

Ed Sheeran has retained his crown as the richest British celebrity aged 30 and under, according to the heat Rich List, an annual guide to the UK and Ireland’s richest young stars.

Who are the parents of Danny Jones band?

His parents are Kathleen A. (O’Neill) and Alan Jones. He has one older sister, Vicky Jones. He was on Steps To The Stars (a talent competition on TV) with his band of him, his sister and his friend, called Y2K when he was in year 8.

Who is the mother of Danny Jones Penniman?

Danny Jones Penniman was born in 1959 in the United States of America. He is the adopted son of Little Richard and Ernestine Campbell. Danny was adopted at the age of one after his mother died. His mother was a church associate.

How tall is Danny Jones wife and baby?

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Where did Danny Jones go to high school?

Danny was born in Bolton, Greater Manchester, England on 12 th March 1986. His is white by ethnicity and holds British nationality. For his education, he attended Thornleigh Salesian College. At the age of eight, Danny’s father left them, which left a lasting impression on him and told his story through his music.