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What happened to actors from Keeping Up Appearances?

Sadly, two members of the Keeping Up Appearances primary cast have passed away, Mary Millar (Rose) in 1998 and Geoffrey Hughes (Onslow) in 2012. In Keeping Up Appearances, Patricia Routledge took on the role of the wannabe snob Hyacinth Bucket, who looked down her nose at even the roses.

Is Daisy still alive in Keeping Up Appearances?

Judy Valerie Cornwell (born 22 February 1940) is an English actress best known for her role as Daisy in the successful British sitcom Keeping Up Appearances (1990–1995). She also played Anya Claus in Santa Claus: The Movie (1985).

Why was Keeping Up Appearances Cancelled?

Production ended in 1995 after Routledge decided to move on to other projects. All episodes and the specials have since been released on DVD. The sitcom follows Hyacinth in her attempts to prove her social superiority, and to gain standing with those she considers upper class.

Is Onslow from Keeping Up Appearances dead?

Onslow and Daisy from Keeping Up Appearances. Onslow was such a fun character, the polar opposite of Hyacinth. He had a natural sympathy for the plight of Richard, and was always willing to buy him a pint.

What killed Clive Swift?

February 1, 2019
Clive Swift/Date of death

Is Patricia Routledge still working?

Patricia has worked in TV since the early 1950s, most recently in Keeping Up Appearances (1990). She also recorded an album, “Presenting Patricia Routledge”, and worked in film and radio. She has never married or had children, has said that she will not retire, and lives in Kensington and Surrey when not working.

Is Clive Swift alive?

Deceased (1936–2019)
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Is Clive Swift death?

Who has died from Keeping Up Appearances?

Sadly, two members of the Keeping Up Appearances primary cast have passed away, Mary Millar (Rose) in 1998 and Geoffrey Hughes (Onslow) in 2012.

Who are the actors in Keeping Up Appearances?

Where the cast of Keeping up Appearances are now – from tragic to soap stardom and even damehood 1 Patricia Routledge. Patricia played iconic character Hyacinth Bucket – of course pronounced bouquet – for the show’s… 2 Clive Swift. Clive played the iconic husband Richard in the series, who was always having to put up with his wife’s… More

Where was the house in Keeping Up Appearances filmed?

Exterior shots around Hyacinth’s house were recorded at a privately owned and occupied domicile at 117 Heather Road in the village of Binley Woods, Warwickshire, east of Coventry. Exterior shots around Daisy’s and Onslow’s council terrace were taken in the Stoke Aldermoor district of Coventry.

Is the show Keeping Up Appearances on Netflix?

With a working class upbringing, Bucket wanted so much to be a part of the upper crust, but she felt held back by her not-so-fancy friends and family. Keeping Up Appearances is an oldie but a goodie, currently streaming on Netflix.

Who was the last person to die in Keeping Up Appearances?

After Keeping Up Appearances. Mary Millar, who played Rose from series two to series five, died on 10 November 1998. George Webb, who played Daddy, died on 30 December 1998. Charmian May, who played Mrs. Councillor Nugent, died on 24 October 2002. Geoffrey Hughes, who played Onslow, died on 27 July 2012.