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What is a Tapco brake buddy used for?

The revolutionary Brake Buddy allows you to increase the style and originality of your trim work, including producing brickmold trim and decorative ribs from trim coil in just seconds.

What is a siding brake?

Sometimes called a siding brake or an aluminum brake, this tool can be used for cutting and bending flashing for windows and doors, and for cladding for exterior soffits and fascias. It also can be used for any number of small projects that require bent light-gauge sheet metal or vinyl.

How much does a Tapco brake weigh?

121 lbs.
The Tapco Pro 19 brake has a throat depth of 19” and is 10′ 6” long and weighs in at just 121 lbs. for maximum portability. The locking system on Tapco brakes is also more efficient than others, using a pulling motion rather than a pushing motion, allowing you to be closer to the tool when working with large coil.

Who makes Brakebuddy?

Hopkins Manufacturing Corporation
Brake Buddy | Hopkins Manufacturing Corporation.

How do you adjust a Tennsmith brake?

At least, adjust your brake for the heaviest material you use and leave it there for the lighter material too. SET CLAMPING PRESSURE TO ZERO OR ALMOST NONE, AND RADIUS SET BACK TO AT LEAST 1.5 TIMES MATERIAL THICKNESS WHEN FORMING 18GA, AND 2-3 TIMES FOR 16GA OR HEAVIER.

Where is Brake Buddy made?

EMPORIA, KS – Emporia based Hopkins® Manufacturing and Brake Buddy® earned the Gold Motorhome Magazine Readers Choice Award for the towed vehicle braking product category.

How does Brake Buddy Classic work?

Q: How does Brake Buddy work? The extending arm clamps to the towed vehicle’s brake pedal, and the device is then hooked up to the battery of the towed vehicle to receive power. When you activate the brakes of your RV, the device senses the inertia.

What kind of siding brake does TAPCO use?

The Tapco Pro 19 metal siding brake delivers added value with more efficient bending, storing material inside the brake to reduce time-consuming handling and flipping of material.

How big is a Tapco pro 19 brake?

This allows contractors to efficiently create soffit, fascia, custom brick mold, gutter aprons, chimney flashing, drip edges, window casing and sill trim, and easily produces flashing for any roof application. The Tapco Pro 19 brake has a throat depth of 19” and is 8’ 6” long and weighs in at just 96 lbs. for maximum portability.

What do you use Pro 19 brake for?

The PRO 19 brake reduces time-consuming handling and flipping of material for more efficient creation of soffit, fascia, custom brickmold, gutter aprons, chimney flashing, drip edges, window casing and sill trim, and roof flashing.

What kind of tools do TAPCO tools use?

Achieving the perfect fit and finish calls for state-of-the-art, on-site fabrication. Brakes and saw tables from Tapco Tools offer the utmost precision to create a high-quality, finished look for custom exterior trim.