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What is another word that means divide?

Frequently Asked Questions About divide Some common synonyms of divide are divorce, part, separate, sever, and sunder. While all these words mean “to become or cause to become disunited or disjointed,” divide implies separating into pieces or sections by cutting or breaking.

What is another word for divide in math?

Division-quotient, dividend, divide, divided by, each, per, average, divided equally.

What word means to divide into groups?

1 bisect, cleave, cut (up), detach, disconnect, part, partition, segregate, separate, sever, shear, split, subdivide, sunder. 2 allocate, allot, apportion, deal out, dispense, distribute, divvy (up) (informal) dole out, measure out, portion, share.

What is another symbol for division?

Other symbols for division include the slash or solidus /, the colon :, and the fraction bar (the horizontal bar in a vertical fraction).

What is another word for division or divide?

What is another word for division?

separation dividing
detachment fractionalization
fractionation parcellingUK
parcelingUS parting
schism scission

What is the opposite divide?

(join) Opposite of to separate or be separated into parts. join. attach.

Is there a divide symbol on Iphone?

Go to settings> general> keyboard> shortcuts> tap the plus sign> paste the division sign on the top line, ds on the bottom lne. Tap save. Now all you have to do is tap ds and the space bar for your division sign Will appear.

How do I write divided in Word?

Insert a Symbol

  1. The Symbol menu rearranges itself to feature your most-used symbols, so the division symbol might not show up if you’ve used many other symbols. Click More Symbols to see the full list.
  2. To type a division symbol using the keyboard, press Alt-0247 on the numeric keypad with Num Lock turned on.

Which is the odd word out from Divide converge separate?

Finding Odd Word Out Divide – separate or be separated into parts. Diverge – separate from another route and go in a different direction.

What does ➗ mean?

➗ Meaning – Heavy Division Sign Emoji The Heavy Division Sign Emoji was added to the Symbols category in 2010 as part of Unicode 6.0 standard. This is a mature emoji and it should work on most devices.

What are symbols for division?

How do you type 3 4 on a keyboard?

A few common fractions have keyboard shortcuts that you can use by holding down the Alt key and typing the code numbers.

  1. 1/2 = Alt + 0 1 8 9.
  2. 1/4 = Alt + 0 1 8 8.
  3. 3/4 = Alt + 0 1 9 0.

What are some words that mean Division?

Basic Math Definitions The Basic Operations Addition is Subtraction is Minuend : The number that is to be subtracted from. Multiplication is Example: 3.5 × 5 = 17.5 Division is It is the result of “fair sharing”. A Fraction is The top part (the numerator) says how many parts we have. A Decimal Number is … A Percentage is … Average (Mean) is …

What does the name divide mean?

A distancing between two people or things. There is a great divide between us. (geography) A large chasm, gorge, or ravine between two areas of land. If you’re heading to the coast, you’ll have to cross the divide first. A dividing point or line. To separate into parts; split up; sever. To separate into groups; classify.

What is the definition of dividend in math?

Mathematical Definition of Dividend. Dividend is the number to be divided. The word dividend means the number that is to be divided. 8/2 means ‘eight divided by two’ and in this case 8 is the dividend, the number that we will divide by 2 to get the answer (4) The above problem could be alternately written 8 ÷ 2 or.

What is the antonym of divided?

divide(noun) a serious disagreement between two groups of people (typically producing tension or hostility) Antonyms: multiply, unite, unify. Synonyms: water parting, watershed. watershed, water parting, divide(verb) a ridge of land that separates two adjacent river systems. Antonyms: unite, multiply, unify. Synonyms: