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What is the best way to learn Danish?

How can I learn Danish as a beginner?

  1. Take a language course at a language school.
  2. Live with native speakers.
  3. Flashcards.
  4. Listen to Danish podcasts.
  5. Download language learning apps.
  6. Read the news in Danish.
  7. Don’t stress about the pronunciation.

Is Danish an easy language to learn?

Danish. Danish isn’t hard to learn, but as with most Scandinavian languages, the biggest hurdle with studying Danish is in being able to practice. Danish is also flatter and more monotonous than English. Grammatically, though, it’s relatively easy.

How can I learn Danish for free?

Free Online Danish Resources

  1. Online Danish Classes. Cactus Online Danish Courses.
  2. Learn Danish Online: Mobile app. Duolingo.
  3. Learn Danish Online: Grammar. Grammar Explorer.
  4. Learn Danish Online: Vocabulary. Memrise.
  5. Learn Danish Online: Pronunciation. Forvo.
  6. Learn Danish Online: Danish characters. Lexilogos.

How long does it take to learn Danish fluently?

Germanic languages

Afrikaans about 575 hours or 23 weeks
Danish about 575 hours or 23 weeks
Dutch about 575 hours or 23 weeks
Norwegian about 575 hours or 23 weeks
Swedish about 575 hours or 23 weeks

Is Danish like English?

Both Danish and English belong to the Germanic language family. English has much more similarity with Danish than with, for example, Chinese, Russian or Basque. Another advantage of this language family is that once you know some Danish, you will be able to understand a good amount of Norwegian and Swedish.

Is Danish worth learning?

If you plan to stay in Denmark for more than a year or so, it’s a good idea to learn some Danish – and your visa may require that you do so. Even if you’re not forced to, it’s a good idea to learn to speak Danish if you plan to make a commitment to Denmark.

Is Danish harder than German?

No. I think that everyone can agree that German is way harder than Danish. The German conjugations are fairly predictible and manageable. The worst are really the cases.

How do you greet someone in Danish?

Saying ‘hej’ is the most common way to say hello in Copenhagen. Luckily, the pronunciation of the Danish greeting is exactly the same as the pronunciation of ‘hi’ in English. And, even better, ‘hej’ is also how you say goodbye in Danish (you can also say ‘hej hej’ for goodbye).

Do the Danish speak English?

Denmark has one official language: Danish. However, there are several minority languages spoken throughout the territory, if you include The Faeroe Islands and Greenland. Danes are taught English from a very young age and 86% of all Danes speak English as a second language.

Is Danish similar to English?

How hard is it to learn to speak Danish?

Learning to speak Danish can be difficult, even if you speak its close linguistic cousins, English and German. While the written language isn’t too tough to figure out, the spoken language is a headache. Danes pronounce only small bits of each word and smash those small bits together.

Which is harder French or Danish?

According to The Foreign Service Institute, the Danish language is a “category 1” in terms of the amount of time needed to learn it. It is not generally harder than languages like German, French or English.

Danish is said to be the hardest Scandinavian language to learn because of its speaking patterns. It is generally spoken more quickly and more softly than other Scandinavian languages. Danish is also flatter and more monotonous than English. Grammatically, though, it’s relatively easy.

Do Danish people speak English well?

Denmark has a 99% English literacy rate and it’s a popular language for television. Most Danes that don’t speak English very well will either be immigrants to Denmark, or older people that are long out of school and have little need to keep up practice with the language. In fact, Danish is becoming lousy with English.

Which language is easier to learn, Danish or German?

The Danish language is a bit easier than German because of some aspect that defined it. In Danish, it is easy to create words and easy to understand . English speakers find it hard to determine the formal and informal way of a statement but, in Danish, you could simply distinguish the informal by using “du” while the formal word is “De.”

What language do Danish speak?

The official language of Denmark is Danish