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What is the CPT code for substance abuse counseling?

The two new codes, 99408 and 99409, will standardize and streamline reporting and reimbursement for physicians who perform alcohol or non-tobacco substance abuse SBI.

What is procedure code H0001?

H0001- Individual face-to-face alcohol and/or drug assessment at the licensed provider level for the pupose of identifying functional and treatment needs and to formulate the basis for the Individualized Treatment Plan.

What is procedure code H0015?

For procedure code H0015, Alcohol and/or drug services; intensive outpatient (treatment program that operates at least 3 hours/day and at least 3 days/week and is based on an individualized treatment plan), including assessment, counseling; crisis intervention, and activity therapies or education BCBSWY has updated our …

What is procedure code H0004?

Behavioral health counseling and therapy

HCPCS/CPT Code Description Allowable POS Codes
H0004 Behavioral health counseling and therapy, per 15 minutes 04, 12, 99
H0022 Alcohol and/or drug intervention service (planned facilitation) (60 minutes) 04, 12, 99

What does CPT code 90853 mean?

90853 CPT Code Description 90853 CPT Code represents psychotherapy administered in a group setting, involving no more than 12 participants, facilitated by a trained therapist simultaneously providing therapy to these multiple patients. The group therapy session typically lasts 45 to 60 minutes.

What does CPT code 90791 mean?

integrated biopsychosocial assessment, including
Code 90791 represents “integrated biopsychosocial assessment, including history, mental status, and recommendations.” It originated in 2013, when many of the mental health CPT codes were reworked, replacing code 90801.

What is CPT code H0046?

Mental health services, not otherwise specified
2021 HCPCS Code H0046 : Mental health services, not otherwise specified.

What is CPT code H0031?

H0031 per hour MENTAL HEALTH ASSESSMENT – Used for initial evaluation/assessment, initial functional analysis and periodic functional analysis re-assessments (must be done by a licensed provider or BCBA).

What does CPT code 99241 mean?

Level 1 Office Consult: 99241 CPT Code 99241 CPT Code: Office consultation for a new or established patient that requires these three key components: a problem-focused history; a problem-focused examination; and straightforward medical decision-making.

Can 90837 and 90853 be billed together?

Group session and individual session Do not bill CPT codes 90853 and 90832. These codes are not billable on the same date to the same member by the same provider. To avoid claims issues, providers must have an updated roster on file with Healthy Blue.

Can 90791 and 90832 be billed together?

Behavioral health assessment/evaluation and psychotherapy Do not bill CPT codes 90791-90792 and 90832- 90838. These codes are not billable on the same date to the same member by the same provider.

What does CPT code 90832 mean?

Psychotherapy 30 minutes
90832 – Psychotherapy 30 minutes. Some health insurance companies may consider 90834 as the standard psychotherapy session. In such cases when reporting 90837, it would be beneficial to document in the clinical record why the longer service was warranted rather than the shorter service.

What are the HCPCS codes for alcohol and Drug Abuse?

HCPCS Code range (H0001-H2037), Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment, contains HCPCS codes for Alcohol and/or drug assessment, Behavioral health counseling and therapy, group counseling by a clinician, case management, crisis intervention, acute detoxification (hospital inpatient)sub-acute detoxification (residential addiction program inpatient).

What do you need to bill for alcohol and drug counseling?

There must be some clear medical necessity documented in the chart as to why the patient is receiving these services.

What makes up the billing process for addiction treatment?

There are many components that make up the billing process, including accurately recording CPT and HCPCS codes, place of service requirements and ASAM (American Society of Addiction) levels of care.

What are RVUs for alcohol and drug counseling?

The requirements for 99408 (15 to 30 minutes of alcohol and/or substance abuse structured screening and brief intervention services, 0.94 relative value units [RVUs]) and 99409 (greater than 30 minutes, 1.89 RVUs) are different and more rigorous than those for tobacco cessation counseling, 99406 (0.35 RVUs) and 99407 (0.73 RVUs).