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What is the genotype of someone who is heterozygous for type B blood?

The genotype for a person with type B blood is either homozygous B, where both of the parents contributed a gene for B to the offspring. This can be written as BB. Another possible genotype for a person with type B blood is heterozygous B, with one B and one O gene inherited from his or her parents.

What blood types are possible if mom is heterozygous A and Dad is heterozygous B?

If the father is homozygous, every offspring will be blood type A. The mother of the child is Rh+. She may be homozygous or she may be heterozygous with one Rh+ allele and one Rh- allele….Rh factor.

Mother’s Possible Rh factor Father’s Possible Rh factor Child’s Possible Rh factor
Rh+Rh- Rh-Rh- Rh+Rh-, Rh-Rh-

What is the blood type of a person who is heterozygous having A and B alleles are codominant?

An example is the ABO blood group, in which heterozygotes having the A and B alleles express both of them as A and B antigens on their red cells (forming blood group AB). The correct option is the only one that accurately describes codominance.

Could a man with type B blood and a woman with type AB produce a child with type O?

Tutorial. The possible genotypes of a man with blood type B are BB or BO and the genotype of a woman with blood type AB is AB. The child would receive an A allele or a B allele from the mother and a B allele or an O allele from the father. Therefore, the child could not possibly be of blood type O.

What genotype can a person with blood type B have?

Similarly, someone who is blood type B could have a genotype of either BB or BO. A blood test of either type AB or type O is more informative. Someone with blood type AB must have both the A and B alleles. The genotype must be AB.

What blood types should not have babies together?

When a mother-to-be and father-to-be are not both positive or negative for Rh factor, it’s called Rh incompatibility. For example: If a woman who is Rh negative and a man who is Rh positive conceive a baby, the fetus may have Rh-positive blood, inherited from the father.

What blood type is rarest?

AB negative
What’s the rarest blood type? AB negative is the rarest of the eight main blood types – just 1% of our donors have it. Despite being rare, demand for AB negative blood is low and we don’t struggle to find donors with AB negative blood.

What blood type can Rejects pregnancy?

When a woman and her unborn baby carry different Rhesus (Rh) protein factors, their condition is called Rh incompatibility. It occurs when a woman is Rh-negative and her baby is Rh-positive. The Rh factor is a specific protein found on the surface of your red blood cells.

What blood type is iAiA?

The following genotypes will yield these blood types: • iAiA or iAi – Both genotypes produce the A protein (type A). iBiB or iBi – Both genotypes produce the B protein (type B). iAiB – This genotype produces the A and B protein (type AB). ii – This genotype produces no protein (type O).

Which blood group is best for marriage?

Based on these traits, the theory suggests these blood type matches are most likely to result in happy marriage:

  • O Male × A Female.
  • A Male × A Female.
  • O Male × B Female.
  • O Male × O Female.

Which blood groups Cannot marry?

In general:

  • If you have type A blood, you should only receive types A or O blood.
  • If you have type B blood, you should only receive types B or O blood.
  • If you have type AB blood, you can receive types A, B, AB, or O blood.
  • If you have type O blood, you should only receive type O blood.

Which blood type is most fertile?

A woman’s blood group could influence her chances of getting pregnant, scientists have found. Those with blood type O may struggle to conceive due to a lower egg count and poorer egg quality, while those with blood group A seem to be more fertile.

Can a man with blood type a marry a woman with Type B?

A man heterozygous for blood type A marries a woman heterozygous for blood type B. What could be thepossible blood types of their offspring?8. In watermelons, one gene controls fruit color and the other fruit shape. Genes for green color and shortshape are dominant over their alleles for striped color and long shape. If you crossed a plant having

What happens if a man marries a woman with blood type O?

If a man heterozygous for blood type A marries a woman heterozygous for blood type B what is the chance that their first child will have blood type O 0 percent 25 percent 50 percent or 75 percent? – Answers 25% for blood type O, 50% for blodd type AB, and 25% for A.

What are the possible blood groups of offsprings?

According to the attached chart, if one parent has Blood Type A and the other parent has Blood Type B, their offspring can have any of the four Blood Types: A, B, AB or O. Originally Answered: A man with blood group A marries a woman with blood group B. What are the possible blood groups of offsprings?

What happens if a man with blood group a marries a woman with blood groups B?

If the mother is homozygous for B and the father is heterozygous, then 50% of the children will have B and the other 50% AB. If both parents are homozygous then all children will have type AB. Originally Answered: A man in the blood group A marries a woman in the blood group B.