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What is the process for redevelopment?

Redevelopment occurs when new construction is added to previously occupied land or the land structures need to undergo renovations. The three steps involved in the redevelopment process include an environmental site assessment, a response action plan, and monitoring the construction project at hand.

What happens when a building goes into redevelopment?

Redevelopment is the process of demolishing existing old society building and reconstructing it by appointing a good Builder who can construct and handover new flats to the Society members free of cost with some additional benefits and make profit by utilizing balance plot potential by constructing additional flats and …

How do I start a redevelopment project?

The Steps to Redevelopment

  1. Step One: Conducting a Feasibility Review.
  2. Step Two: Applying for Land-Use Re-Designation.
  3. Step 3: Obtaining a Development Permit.
  4. Step 4: Development Site Servicing Plan.
  5. Step 5: Securing a Building Permit.
  6. Step 6: Construction.
  7. Step 7: Completion Certificate.

How do you give yourself redevelopment?

To go ahead with the self-redevelopment, the society must have a conveyance deed in its name. If the land is owned by the state authority or the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA), then, a no-objection certificate has to be obtained from the owner.

What is the biggest advantage of redevelopment?

Through comprehensive planning, redevelopment improves the built environment and infrastructure in old urban districts while providing more greening, public open space and community facilities. Dilapidated buildings are redeveloped into new buildings of modern standard, environmentally-friendly and smart design.

What is 79a redevelopment?

If any Competent Authority has declared the building of a co-operative housing society as ruinous or dilapidated buildings or dangerous for inhabitation or as posing danger to the passers-by or any structure or place in the neighbourhood and the society is eligible to redevelop the building under the Development …

Is structural audit compulsory for redevelopment?

Can a Society go in for Redevelopment without conducting a Structural Audit? Conducting Structural Audit is mandatory since it is the first and the foremost step to be taken for deciding Redevelopment as Structural Survey is required to be carried out for both the building and the adjacent structures.

Is bank guarantee required for redevelopment?

According to the new rule, it is mandatory to deposit the bank guarantee amount before demolishing the structure. Arun Dongre, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) MBRRB replied, “This provision of extension to the project in lieu of fine on bank guarantee will be allowed in exceptional cases only.

What are the benefits of self redevelopment?

In the case of self redevelopment of a housing society, the members get higher extra space as compared to builder led redevelopment. The extra flats or sale flats that will be created in the new building, can be purchased by the existing members on cost basis or can be sold to people outside of the society as well.

What is the advantage of redevelopment?

Why are old districts redeveloped?

Old, rundown buildings not only look unattractive, people living there have to deal with dirty, unhygienic and cramped conditions. These districts may cease to function because of a lack of proper maintenance and buildings may age well past their expected lifetimes. Therefore, they must be redeveloped.

Is PMC a must for redevelopment?

A PMC advises the society on all aspects of the redevelopment process. However, in case legal issues crop up later and the project gets delayed, the society will not be able to file a suit against the developer as they failed to follow the mandatory norm of appointing a PMC.

What are the steps in the redevelopment process?

The Redevelopment process normally falls into twelve basic phases; it begins with conceptualizing the housing development and moves through to occupancy in new building.

When does a redevelopment scheme have to be approved by the general body?

According to an important feature in the guidelines, a redevelopment scheme has to be approved by the general body only if three-fourths of the society members are present at the meeting.

Who is involved in redevelopment of cooperative housing societies?

The society members should ensure the timely completion of the project which is the most important detail to be mentioned in the agreement. The main parties involved in the any redevelopment project are Society and Developer. Committee Members dealing on behalf of cooperative housing society are mostly non-technical and are laymen.

Do you need a special meeting to discuss a redevelopment?

The managing committee should convene a special meeting of the members to discuss the redevelopment project. The bye-laws state that 75% of the total number of members should be in agreement with the redevelopment project before it can be officially undertaken.