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What year did A Patch of Blue come out?

December 10, 1965
A Patch of Blue/Initial release

How old is Selina in A Patch of Blue?

Selina D’Arcey, an 18-year-old girl accidentally blinded by her mother, Rose-Ann, in a family quarrel 13 years ago, lives in a shabby tenement with her prostitute mother and alcoholic grandfather, Ole Pa.

Why is it called A Patch of Blue?

You might wonder why the film is called “A Patch of Blue”. It’s simply because the color Selina can remember the most is blue. She remembers the sky is blue. It’s in a grey sky that Selina lived all her life, until Gordon came to her.

Where was A Patch of Blue made?

MacArthur Park
There was a lot of filming in MacArthur Park and on the streets of the Westlake neighborhood in Guy Green’s “A Patch of Blue” (MGM, 1965). Sidney Poitier stars as a young guy who befriends an isolated and unschooled blind girl played by Elizabeth Hartman.

What was the movie A Patch of Blue about?

When Selina D’Arcey (Elizabeth Hartman), a blind young white woman, befriends Gordon Ralfe (Sidney Poitier), a black office worker, their budding relationship eventually leads to romance. However, once Selina’s insensitive and abusive mother, Rose-Ann (Shelley Winters), finds out about Gordon, she becomes determined to keep the couple apart. With its stirring story of interracial love, this thoughtful film fittingly reflects the civil rights movement of the era.
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How does A Patch of Blue book end?

How does the movie end? When Selina finds out that Rose-Ann plans to move them into an apartment with Sadie (so they can start a whorehouse) and leave Ole Pa behind, she makes her way to the park where Gordon is waiting for her, having just arranged for Selina to attend a school for the blind.

How did Selena go blind in a patch of blue?

“Patch of Blue” tells the story of the waiflike Selina, accidentally blinded with boiling water by her slatternly mother (Winters). She spends her days in the park, stringing costume jewelry beads to earn her keep, where she strikes up a friendship with a kindly newsman (Poitier), never realizing he is black.

Did a patch of blue win any Oscars?

Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Golden Globe Award for Best New Star of the Year – Actress
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How does a patch of blue book end?

What was the movie a patch of blue about?

How did the movie A Patch of Blue end?

Did A Patch of Blue win any Oscars?

Who is the author of a patch of blue?

Elizabeth Katayama (1912 – 4 September 1998) was an Australian writer under the pseudonym Elizabeth Kata, best known for Be Ready with Bells and Drums (1961), which was made into the award-winning film A Patch of Blue (1965). She was born of Scottish parents in Sydney in 1912.

Is the movie Patch of blue on IMDb?

This video file cannot be played. (Error Code: 102630) A blind, uneducated white girl is befriended by a black man, who becomes determined to help her escape her impoverished and abusive home life by introducing her to the outside world.

Where does the phrase a patch of blue come from?

“A patch of blue” comes from one of things Selina remembers from her childhood before she got blind. When she was a small girl, too small to see out the window, she could only see a patch of blue sky above the windowsill, and that was one of very few colors she remembered.

What was the color of the man’s blood in a patch of blue?

She knows Red too. It is the color of the man’s blood; the man slashed by her father, Harry’s knife when he caught him with her mother, Rose-Ann. The only other color Sleena knows is Black, which is the color of her world now, blinded as she was left when Rose-Ann attempted to throw acid at Harry and missed.