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Where does Michelle Harrison live?

Biography. Harrison was born and raised in Grays, Essex, England. After studying illustration at Staffordshire University, Harrison worked as a barmaid, in an art gallery, as a children’s bookseller, and as an assistant editor for a children’s book publisher. She now writes full-time and lives in Oxfordshire.

How old is Fliss in a pinch of magic?

Betty (13), Fliss (16) and Charlie (6) live with their granny at the Poacher’s Pocket, a rundown village inn that has definitely seen better days. It’s on the small, and seemingly unremarkable, island of Crowstone.

Who is Michelle Harrison married to?

Matthew Harrisonm. 1998
Michelle Harrison/Spouse

When was Michelle Harrison born?

December 21, 1979 (age 41 years)
Michelle Harrison/Date of birth

How old is Michelle Harrison?

46 years (March 24, 1975)
Michelle Harrison/Age

Is a pinch of magic a series?

Adventure with a Pinch of Magic in the bestselling series from Michelle Harrison and discover how to break a family curse.

Who is a pinch of magic by?

Michelle Harrison
A Pinch of Magic/Authors
A Pinch of Magic Reviews | Toppsta Discover the bestselling first Pinch of Magic Adventure, shortlisted for the 2020 British Book Awards by Michelle Harrison, winner of the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize. Continue the Widdershins sisters’ adventures in A Sprinkle of Sorcery and A Tangle of Spells .

Who plays the Speed Force?

Michelle Harrison is an American television and film actress. She is known for her role as Nora Allen / The Speed Force in the CW series The Flash, as well as the feature film Hit n’ Strum.

How tall is Michelle Harrison?

1.75 m
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Who plays Nora Allen Barry’s mom?

Michelle Nicole Harrison
Michelle Nicole Harrison (née Johnston; born March 24, 1975) is an American actress. She has portrayed Nora Allen, the Speed Force as Nora, and Joan Williams, and voiced Barry Allen’s mother in The Flash.

Where is a pinch of magic set?

the isle of Crowstone
On the isle of Crowstone, set upon eerie marshes with a prison as its closest neighbour, the Widdershins sisters: Betty, Fliss and Charlie, set out to break a deadly curse which has haunted their family for generations.

What happens in a pinch of magic?

Betty Widdershins and her two sisters live with their bad-tempered Granny in the Poacher’s Pocket, a rowdy, tumbledown inn on the dismal island of Crowstone. Desperate for an adventure, Betty plans a secret outing to neighbouring Marshfoot on her 13th birthday, but is furious when Granny stops her.