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Where is Patterson Dental headquarters?

Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States
Patterson Companies/Headquarters

How many locations does Patterson Dental have?

60 branches across the U.S.

How long has Patterson Dental been in business?

Patterson Companies

Type Public
Founded 1878 (Patterson Dental) Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Founder Myron F., John G. Patterson
Headquarters Mendota Heights, Minnesota, United States
Key people John D. Buck Chair Mark S. Walchirk Pres,CEO

What does Patterson do?

Patterson Companies, Inc. is focused on providing the best products, technologies, services and business solutions to the animal and oral health markets. Our comprehensive portfolio, distribution network and supply chain are equaled only by our focused and passionate people.

Is Patterson Dental A Fortune 500 company?

–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Patterson Companies (Nasdaq: PDCO) today announced that it has been named to the Fortune 500 list of America’s largest companies by revenue for the first time in its 140-year history.

Who invented EagleSoft?

One of the leading dental software for both private and corporate offices is EagleSoft. EagleSoft is a software created by Patterson Companies. Patterson is a dental product supplier.

Who does Patterson marry?

One hallucination that made fans rather happy, was one of Tasha (Audrey Esparza) and Patterson (Ashley Johnson) getting married.

Did Patterson end up with rich?

Boston and Rich had a love-hate relationship that was clearly more love. He also had some friction with Patterson. But it seemed by the end, not only were he and Rich officially an item, but he had a solid friendship with Patterson, too.

Who owns Patterson Medical?

Patterson Companies
Patterson Medical Holdings, Inc.
Kinetec SA/Parent organizations

Is eaglesoft or dentrix better?

Overview: Eaglesoft has a satisfaction rate of 96%. Like Dentrix, functionality issues seem to be minor enough that the benefits make 96% of users happy with Eaglesoft. Compared to Dentrix, the platform seems more affordable or, otherwise, the cost seems more justifiable.

Is eaglesoft easy to learn?

“EagleSoft the pinnacle of dental software” The client support is unmatched – online, on chat, in help and most certainly in person. It is easy to train and it’s easy to learn.

Does Patterson and Rich get together?

Where is Patterson Dental in St Paul MN?

Location Patterson Dental Corporate Office 1031 Mendota Heights Road, St. Paul, MN 55120

How big is the Patterson Dental corporate office?

What is the total square footage of Patterson Dental Corporate Office? Patterson Dental Corporate Office totals 103,000 square feet. When was this property built? Patterson Dental Corporate Office was built in 1986.

How big is Patterson Dental in Mendota Heights?

Patterson Dental Corporate Office totals 103,000 square feet. When was this property built? Patterson Dental Corporate Office was built in 1986. Looking for more in-depth information on this property?