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Which is the most recent book by Jeremy Rifkin?

His most recent books include, The Green New Deal (2019), The Zero Marginal Cost Society (2014), The Third Industrial Revolution (2011), The Empathic Civilization (2010), and The European Dream (2004).

When was the age of access by Jeremy Rifkin published?

Rifkin’s book, The Age of Access, published in the year 2000, was the first to introduce the idea that society is beginning to move from ownership of property in markets, to access to services in networks, giving rise to the Sharing Economy.

When did Jeremy Rifkin write the book Entropy?

Rifkin’s 1981 book Entropy: A New World View discusses how the physical concept of entropy applies to nuclear and solar energy, urban decay, military activity, education, agriculture, health, economics, and politics. It was called “A comprehensive worldview” and “an appropriate successor to

How many companies has Jeremy Rifkin lectured before?

Rifkin has lectured before many Fortune 500 companies, and hundreds of governments, civil society organizations, and universities over the past thirty five years.

When did Li Keqiang read Jeremy Rifkin’s book?

The Huffington Post reported from Beijing on October 29 th 2015 that “Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has not only read Jeremy Rifkin’s book, The Third Industrial Revolution, and taken it to heart. He and his colleagues have also made it the core of the country’s thirteenth Five-Year Plan…”

What did Jeremy Rifkin do for the Third Industrial Revolution?

According to EurActiv, “Jeremy Rifkin is an American economist and author whose best-selling Third Industrial Revolution arguably provided the blueprint for Germany’s transition to a low-carbon economy, and China’s strategic acceptance of climate policy.”.