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Which wrestlers slept with Kelly Kelly?

6 Kelly Kelly This triggered some discussion regarding the other names. Everyone has theories, but the popular ones involve wrestlers like CM Punk, Test, Randy Orton, John Cena, Chris Jericho, and Batista.

Is Kelly Kelly back in WWE?

Kelly Kelly recently returned to the WWE at the Royal Rumble in 2020. While her time in the ring was shorter than some of her fans would have liked, she performed admirably.

What does Kelly Kelly do now?

What does Kelly Kelly do now? She has featured on numerous magazine covers during her work as a model but has since gone on to star in several TV roles and appearances. Kelly is part of the cast in the E! reality television series WAGS and she made her acting debut in US soap opera Days of Our Lives in January 2017.

How long was Kelly Kelly in WWE?

seven years
She is best known for working with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) for seven years using the ring name Kelly Kelly. During her time in WWE she was a one time WWE Divas Champion.

Why did Kelly Kelly retire?

In June, WWE granted Kelly a period of time off, and she returned on Raw on August 6, defeating Eve. On September 28, 2012, Blank was released from her WWE contract. In a December 2012 interview, Blank stated she needed time off to heal a neck injury, and had plans to model.

Who slept with Lita?

Edge and Lita became on-screen lovers and were locked in a feud with Matt Hardy. They did some pretty raunchy things on the air and if anyone watched Raw back in 2008, they probably remember the sex show the two put on. Edge didn’t earn his “R Rated Superstar” nickname for nothing.

Did Kelly Kelly have a baby?

It was when assumed that Kelly was pregnant with Jericho’s child, later being revealed that she wasn’t pregnant at all.

How old is CM Punk?

42 years (October 26, 1978)
CM Punk/Age
Punk—who is 42-year-old Phil Brooks—remains a unique entity in pro wrestling. He was an indie wrestling icon before elevating himself to a whole new tier of stardom in WWE.

Is Kelly Kelly a Hall of Famer?

Many fans have often been overtly critical of the Diva’s wrestling ability, but regardless if whether this accusation may be true or not, the fact remains that Kelly Kelly will one day be in the WWE’s Hall of Fame.

Who is Kelly Kelly married to?

Sheldon Souraym. 2016–2017
Kelly Kelly/Spouse

Was Kelly Kelly pregnant?

Over the past few hours, Kelly Kelly posted cryptic things via her Instagram stories. After a bit, those were removed as came up with a clarification. It appeared that she was pregnant and ready to embrace motherhood. But for some unknown reasons, the baby exists no more in her womb.

Do WWE wrestlers slept with divas?

Some of WWE’s Divas have developed a reputation for the amount of superstars they have slept with over the years, some much like AJ Lee have met one superstar (AJ met and married CM Punk during her time in WWE) and ended up dating and marrying him before she then retired from the business.