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Who is MP for Birkenhead?

Michael Whitley (born 17 November 1951) is a British Labour Party politician. He has served as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Birkenhead since 2019.

Who is the Member of Parliament for Ho?

Ho Central
Region Volta Region of Ghana
Current constituency
Party National Democratic Congress
MP Benjamin Komla Kpodo

Who was in Britain’s government 1950s?


Monarch Head of government
1950 George VI Clement Attlee
1951 Winston Churchill
1952 Elizabeth II
1955 Anthony Eden

Who was the MP of Birmingham in 1929?

List of MPs elected in the 1929 United Kingdom general election

Constituency MP Party
Birmingham Yardley Archibald Gossling Labour
Bishop Auckland Hugh Dalton Labour
Blackburn (Two members) Mary Hamilton Labour
Thomas Gill Labour

Who is the MP for Wallasey?

Wallasey is a constituency created in 1918 represented in the House of Commons of the UK Parliament since 1992 by Angela Eagle, a member of the Labour Party….Wallasey (UK Parliament constituency)

Created 1918
Member of Parliament Angela Eagle (Labour)
Number of members One
Created from Wirral (parts of) and Birkenhead

Who is the MP for Rock Ferry?

MP details – Alison McGovern MP.

What was England like in the 50s?

At the beginning of the 1950s, after all, Britain had been threadbare, bombed-out, financially and morally exhausted. Its major cities were still bombsites, it was almost impossible for many families to borrow money, rationing was harsher than ever, and there was an acute shortage of decent housing.

What was popular in the 50s UK?

The 1950s was the decade that brought rock and roll to the UK. Bands such as Bill Haley & His Comets and Elvis Presley proved very popular with the younger generation keen to have some fun after the war.

Who is MP for South Cambs?

Anthony Howe Browne (born 19 January 1967) is a British politician who has been the Conservative Member of Parliament (MP) for South Cambridgeshire since the 2019 general election.

Who won Wirral election 2019?

2 May 2019

Seat change 2 1
Popular vote 31,778 28,467
Percentage 35.8% 32.1%
Swing 9.7% 3.2%
Leader Pat Cleary Phil Gilchrist

Who is the Councillor for Wallasey?

Lesley Rennie
Lesley Rennie is one of our local councillors representing Wallasey Ward on Wirral Council.

Who won Wirral Election 2019?

Who was the MP for Birkenhead in 1979?

Frank Ernest Field, Baron Field of Birkenhead DL (born 16 July 1942), is a British politician who was the Member of Parliament (MP) for Birkenhead from 1979 to 2019, serving as a Labour MP until August 2018 and thereafter as an Independent. In 2019, he formed the Birkenhead Social Justice Party and stood as its sole candidate in 2019 election.

Where is the seat of Parliament in Birkenhead?

Transcending the dense 20th-century urban-semi-rural divide of Merseyside is the largely Victorian era-built town of Birkenhead, at the centre of which lies the archetype of city parks, Birkenhead Park, a social gift and early publicly subscribed community asset in the area. The seat is almost square and bounded by its sole motorway to the west.

What was the county borough of Birkenhead in 1950?

1950–1974: The County Borough of Birkenhead, except the wards included in the Bebington constituency (i.e. the wards of Bebington, Devonshire, Egerton, Mersey, and Prenton). Comprised the majority of the expanded County Borough, incorporating Birkenhead West, parts of Birkenhead East and parts transferred from Wirral.

Who was the first person to open Birkenhead Park?

1847 The park was officially opened by Lord Morpeth, who also opened Birkenhead’s new docks, warehouses and a railway extension to the docks. Thousands of people joined in with the celebrations.