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Who makes the Unified Command Plan?

the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
The UCP is a classified executive branch document prepared by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) and reviewed and updated every two years that assigns missions; planning, training, and operational responsibilities; and geographic areas of responsibilities to COCOMs.

Is the Unified Command Plan classified?

The UCP is a classified executive branch document that articulates how DOD assigns responsibility for different missions and areas of the world. It is prepared by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff every two years and approved by the President.

What five things does the unified command plan do?

A classified document called the Unified Command Plan (UCP) establishes the combatant commands, identifies geographic areas of respon sibility, assigns primary tasks, defines authority of the commanders, establishes command relationships, and gives guidance on the exercise of combatant command.

What is unified command?

Unified Command is a team effort process, allowing all agencies with geographical or functional responsibility for an incident, to assign an Incident Commander to a Unified Command organization. The Unified Command then establishes a common set of incident objectives and strategies that all can subscribe to.

What are the six geographic combatant commands?

To perform its variety of missions around the world, the Department of Defense (DOD) operates six geographic commands, which manage all military operations in designated areas of responsibility: U.S. Africa Command, U.S. Central Command, U.S. European Command, U.S. Northern Command, U.S. Pacific Command, and U.S. …

Is Central a command?

The United States Central Command (USCENTCOM or CENTCOM) is one of the eleven unified combatant commands of the U.S. Department of Defense….

United States Central Command
Role Geographic combatant command
Part of Department of Defense
Headquarters MacDill Air Force Base Tampa, Florida, U.S.

What is a command plan?

The Unified Command Plan is a strategic document that establishes the missions, responsibilities, and geographic areas of responsibility for commanders of combatant commands. The UCP is a classified executive branch document prepared by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

What is the difference between single and unified command?

If a unified command is needed, incident commanders representing agencies or jurisdictions that share responsibility for the incident manage the response from a single incident command post. Under a unified command, a single, coordinated incident action plan will direct all activities.

What are the 11 unified commands?

Combatant Commands

  • Africa Command.
  • Central Command.
  • Cyber Command.
  • European Command.
  • Indo-Pacific Command.
  • Northern Command.
  • Southern Command.
  • Space Command.

What are geographic combatant commands?

Functional combatant commands operate world-wide across geographic boundaries and provide unique capabilities to geographic combatant commands and the armed services, while geographic combatant commands operate in clearly delineated areas of responsibility and have a regional military focus.

What are the 11 unified combatant commands?

What is Central Command?

The Central Command is responsible for defending and promoting U.S. interests in 20 nations in the Middle East, Central and South Asia, and the strategic waterways that surround them.

What is the unified command guidance plan?

The Unified Command Plan (UCP) is the document that sets forth basic guidance to all combatant commanders .

What are the Unified Commands?

unified command. A command with a broad continuing mission under a single commander and composed of significant assigned components of two or more Military Departments that is established and so designated by the President, through the Secretary of Defense with the advice and assistance of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

What is an an unified command command?

Unified Command (ICS) Jump to navigation Jump to search. In the Incident Command System, a Unified Command is an authority structure in which the role of incident commander is shared by two or more individuals, each already having authority in a different responding agency.

What does Unified Combatant Command stand for?

A unified combatant command (CCMD), also referred to as a combatant command, is a joint military command of the United States Department of Defense that is composed of units from two or more service branches of the United States Armed Forces, and conducts broad and continuing missions.