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Why did Maniac Magee not save Russell?

Maniac couldn’t go up on the trestle to save Russell because he was too scared that he would fall into the river like his parents did in the car crash into the Schuylkill River.

Who saved Russell in Maniac Magee?

Mars Bar
Later they play on the trolley tracks and Mars Bar saves Russell. They are eight years old. Earl Grayson is the groundskeeper at the zoo and resident of the YMCA, though he was once a minor league baseball pitcher who struck out Willie Mays.

What happened to Russell in maniac?

He and Russell have been up to their normal shenanigans (this one was called “Bombs Away”) and long story short: Russell is stuck out on the P&W trolley trestle. Of course Piper expects Maniac to save Russell, but Maniac freezes.

Why does maniac leave Russell on the railroad trestle?

Why did Maniac leave Russell on the railroad trestle? He couldn’t handle the vision of his parents dying there.

Why does maniac think he can’t leave the McNabs and abandon Russell and Piper?

Unlock Thanks to him, they haven’t run off to Mexico as they’d originally planned and are still in school, which is nothing short of miraculous. Still, Russell and Piper are high maintenance and take an awful lot out of Maniac. Despite this, though, he can’t bring himself to abandon them.

Why does Amanda call Mars Bar Snickers?

Terms in this set (20) Amanda called Mars Bar “snickers” because it was hard to act bad with a name like snickers. Mars Bar took Russel and Piper to his home.

Who is the first person to talk to maniac after he ran away?

Who was the first person Maniac talked with? Amanda Beale. Describe the first meeting between Maniac and Amanda. She was on her way to school, and was carrying a suitcase full of books.

Why did the Cobras stop chasing maniac?

They were chasing Maniac, because he had beaten McNab at baseball. They stopped chasing him when he crossed over Hector street into the East End that was all blacks! They thought he would be killed by the East Enders, so they stopped and laughed.

Why does maniac think he can’t leave the Mcnabs and abandon Russell and Piper?

What crazy thing happened after he saved Russell?

According to Mars Bar, what “crazy” thing happened after he saved Russell? McNab asked him to help tear down the pillbox. His mother covered up the incident and insisted he tell no one. He took Russell and Piper to his house, and they didn’t want to leave.

Who is Russell and Piper’s big brother?

Piper and Russell are Giant John’s little brothers and George McNab’s sons. They are around eight years old. They frequently try to run away; Maniac crosses paths with them when all three find shelter in the Valley Forge historic park.

Where does maniac move to at the end of Chapter 46?

Indeed, Amanda Beale, with her usual amiable bossiness, gives him little choice. After staying for a time with a number of different people and in a variety of situations, Maniac has ended up alone, and is spending his nights in the buffalo pen at the zoo.

Why did maniac not go up on the trestle to save Russell?

This is what Mars Bar wants to know at the end of the story. Maniac’s fearlessness has reached mythic proportion, so it’s quite a mystery why he didn’t rescue Russell from the train trestle. As Mars Bar says, “Listen, man, I know you wasn’t scared.

What happens to Russell and Piper in Maniac Magee?

Mars Bar didn’t know what to do, so he took Russell and Piper home. As soon as they got there, Russell jumped into Mars Bar’s mom’s arms, and his mom proceeded to “baby” the little boys and make Mars Bar play with them.

What happens at the end of Maniac Magee?

They’re silent for a while, but finally Mars Bar asks Maniac why he didn’t help Russell the other day. Maniac asks if Russell is okay, but Mars Bar wants an answer first, and he makes Maniac get out of the buffalo pen.

Why was Maniac stranded on the same bridge as Russell?

Russell is stranded on that very same bridge, but nobody knows this about Maniac and his past. Chapter 45 then begins with Mars Bar tracking down Maniac Magee. Mars Bar wants an explanation as to why Maniac didn’t help out.