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Why was he called the Flower Hunter?

American naturalist William Bartram (1739 to 1923) was the ”Flower Hunter. ” He earned this nickname from the Native Americans he encountered in his…

What is William Bartram best known for?

William Bartram (April 20, 1739 – July 22, 1823) was an American botanist, ornithologist, natural historian, and explorer. Bartram has been described as “the first naturalist who penetrated the dense tropical forests of Florida.” Bartram was one of the first ornithologists born in America.

What did William Bartram studied?

American naturalist, botanist, and artist who, continuing the work of his father, John, identified and cultivated the flora of the American colonies. He published his observations and drawings in Travels through North & South Carolina, Georgia, East and West Florida in 1791.

When was William Bartram born?

April 20, 1739
William Bartram/Date of birth

What culture did William Bartram find in Florida?

Cowkeeper’s people were hunters and farmers, and Bartram noted the numbers of Spanish cattle and horses in the Alachua Savanna. He believed their herds rivaled those of prosperous Pennsylvania farms of his youth. Bartram, of Quaker upbringing, had arrived in Florida as a peace-loving British subject.

What is William Bartram nickname?

The Seminoles gave Bartram the nickname “Puc Puggy,” which means ‘flower hunter.”

Did William Bartram have slaves?

However, while the Bartrams were devout Quakers, they also owned slaves. Later in life, William Bartram denounced slavery in his writings, but the conflict is still a fascinating piece of history that many land-owning Quakers must have felt. and Lindbergh Blvd., 215-729-5281. Free, but reservations are recommended.

What does Bartram mean?

b(a)-rt-ram, bar-tram. Origin:Scandinavian. Meaning:bright raven.

What was the Treaty of Picolata?

A treaty was signed at the congress, by which the Indians ceded over two million acres of land in northeast Florida to the British, stretching thirty-five miles from the coast westward past the St. Johns, and including all the tidewater land on the rest of the peninsula, extending up to ten miles inland from the coast.

What does Bright Raven mean?

It is of Scandinavian origin, and the meaning of Bartram is “bright raven”. The raven was consecrated to Odin, the Norse god of war, and was the emblem of the Danish royal standard.

Where does the name Bartram originate from?

The name Bartram arrived in England after the Norman Conquest of 1066. The name Bartram comes from the Germanic personal name Bertram, which is composed of the elements berht, meaning “bright” or “famous,” and hrabn, meaning “raven.”

Who was William Bartram and what did he do?

F rom 1773-77, William Bartram (1739-1823) explored the American Southeast to record the region’s plants, animals, and Indian peoples. Published in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1779 Bartram’s Travels has become a classic, in large part because of Bartram’s descriptions of Florida.

What did William Bartram paint in East Florida?

In East Florida, the fields seemed painted with the colors of wildflowers, and Bartram drew many species: the flowering paw paw, pink bindweed, Magnolia grandiflora, and lovely American lotus. Indeed, few things escaped the notice of Bartram’s sharp eye.

What kind of animal does William Bartram eat?

Embellished with Copper-Plates. long, and bare of feathers a great length above the knees, are of a dark dull greenish colour: they have a small bag or pouch under their throat: they feed on serpents, young alligators, frogs and other reptiles.

Where did William Bartram find Francis Philip Fatio?

In three days Bartram landed at the plantation of Francis Philip Fatio at Switzerland. There he received information concerning the recent disturbances at Spalding’s Stores. He paused the next day at Fort Picolata where he had failed as a planter seven years earlier.