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Why was there less slavery in the backcountry than the Tidewater region?

Another major difference between the backcountry and the Tidewater was slavery. Farms were smaller in the backcountry in part because of the hills and thick forests. Fewer enslaved Africans worked on these smaller farms, and most people were of European descent.

How was life in the backcountry more democratic than life in the Tidewater region?

Why was the backcountry considered more democratic than the Tidewater? The backcountry was considered more democratic than the Tidewater because their government had different beliefs.

What was the economy like in the southern colonies?

The Southern Colonies had an agricultural economy. Most colonists lived on small family farms, but some owned large plantations that produced cash crops such as tobacco and rice. Many slaves worked on plantations. Slavery was a cruel system.

What grew in the Tidewater?

They grew things like rice, tobacco, and indigo. Another reason why the Tidewater plantations were great beacuse of the weather. Backcountry included rolling hills and forests that covered most of the land.

What did the Middle Passage do?

It was one leg of the triangular trade route that took goods (such as knives, guns, ammunition, cotton cloth, tools, and brass dishes) from Europe to Africa, Africans to work as slaves in the Americas and West Indies, and items, mostly raw materials, produced on the plantations (sugar, rice, tobacco, indigo, rum, and …

How did differences in the geography of the Tidewater region and the backcountry region affect the way of life in the two regions?

The Tidewater region is life along the coast in the southern colonies, which means there were plantations (large farms). This led to an economy dominated by plantations in the Tidewater region. The backcountry was cut off from the coast by poor roads and long distances. Families usually lived on isolated farms.

What were the five main goods that were sold in the Georgia colony?

The English hoped that Georgia would be able to produce wine, rice, silk, and indigo. Chief of the Yamacraw Indians; he allowed the Georgia colonists to build the city of Savannah on Yamacraw bluff overlooking the Savannah River.

What is a Tidewater gentry?

Definition. “tidewater gentry,” owned much of the best farmland in the area and exercised a level of political power disproportionate to their numbers, to the discontent of the majority of the population, who were small farmers.

Why would someone want to live in the southern colonies?

Settlers in the Southern colonies came to America to seek economic prosperity they could not find in Old England. The English countryside provided a grand existence of stately manors and high living. But rural England was full, and by law those great estates could only be passed on to the eldest son.

Why were slaves brought to the southern colonies?

Because the climate and soil of the South were suitable for the cultivation of commercial (plantation) crops such as tobacco, rice, and indigo, slavery developed in the southern colonies on a much larger scale than in the northern colonies; the latter’s labor needs were met primarily through the use of European …

Who did the plantation owners use at first for Labor?

British indentured servants
They built their first plantations using the labor of British indentured servants rather than African slaves. But in the late 1600s the market for English servants dried up, and Virginia planters turned instead to slavery.

What are tidewater locations?

Tidewater (region)

  • Tidewater refers to the north Atlantic coastal plain region of the United States of America.
  • Culturally the Tidewater region usually refers to the low-lying plains of southeast Virginia, northeastern North Carolina, southern Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay.

Where does the term tidewater come from?

TIDEWATER is a term commonly used to designate that portion of the Atlantic coastal plain lying east of the points in rivers reached by oceanic tides. This region, the first to be occupied by settlers from the Old World, slowly became an area of comparative wealth.

What did settlers do in the Tidewater region?

TIDEWATER. This region, the first to be occupied by settlers from the Old World, slowly became an area of comparative wealth. Merchants and shippers in the towns; and planters growing tobacco, rice, indigo, and cotton, dominated the tidewater population. Since the tidewater coastal area is so narrow in New England,…

What was the geography of the back country?

Geography of the Backcountry. The Backcountry was a region of dense forest and rushing streams in or near the Appalachian Mountains. The Appalachians stretch from eastern Canada south to Alabama. In the South, the Backcountry began at the fall line.

Where are tidewater events located in Hampton Roads?

We are Tidewater Events: an online events, business, and organization community and directory for the greater Hampton Roads region. Our reach includes Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, Hampton, Newport News, Portsmouth, Williamsburg, Smithfield, Gloucester, Eastern NC, and the Eastern Shore.